Wines for Spring

Wines for Spring

With Spring on the horizon and warm weather in our near future, it is time to start thinking about what your drink of choice will be. With so many options and varieties of wine the decision can be difficult. Look no further for is an inside look at which wines may be the best for you when the flowers start to bloom.

First, rose, especially the fruitier ones, are perfect for the Spring. They are light and flavorful and contain the splash of fruit that perfectly complements sitting outside in your garden. They can be enjoyed alone or with food such as chicken or even with that nice juicy barbecue your family has every Spring. In addition, that pretty pink color goes great with all of the flowers that are soon to come.

There are other options besides rose though, including many white wines. One of these is Vinho Verde. This wine will have a slight fizz when you open the bottle which is crisp and refreshing. This is not an aged or expensive wine but rather an inexpensive treat enjoyed by relatively young consumers.

Along with white wines, some light red wines make the cut to as good drinks to have in the Spring. Specifically, light red wines from France are popular. Many people know of wines from the Bordeaux and Burgundy areas of France and these are perfect for Spring. These wines do not usually involve oak which lends them to be very subtle and refreshing for that cool crisp air.

In between red and white wine is just what you think it is, orange wine. While it is made from white grapes rather than oranges, it still packs the refreshing taste you are looking for. The white grapes are left with their skins longer during the process which is what in part creates the orange color and even adds a certain savory flavor to the wine.

There are many more than just these few types of wine that are good for the Spring time but this is a great start. If one of these suggestions is not for you there will certainly be a wine out there that is perfect for your taste. Explore some more to find the wine perfect for you and your guests.