White Wines

White Wines

There are many types of white wine and so many different flavors to taste. Here if a look at some of the white wines available and what you should expect from them at first taste. Hopefully with this information you will find the perfect drink for every occasion.

Chardonnay is very popular and was especially so in the 1990s. This comes in two forms just as water does–still and sparkling. Chardonnay is a good choice to drink with fish or chicken as it is light and not too sharp. It originated in France though now it is grown across the globe in places such as California, USA, Australia, Italy, and many more. What you should expect from the taste is a wide body with some citrus notes.

Another type of white wine is Sauvignon blanc. Similar to Chardonnay, you can enjoy this wine with fish but also poultry and salads. This is also of French origin, Bordeaux to be specific. Other great versions of this wine are known to be made in New Zealand as well as Australia. What you should expect as far as taste includes herbal notes. Some of the stronger flavors in the wine include apples and pears and also melon and mango and other tropical fruits. Some Sauvignon blanc will feature smoky flavors.

Moscato is yet another type of white wine. This is a very sweet wine that is best when not paired with any foods and just had on its own. But if food must be paired with it, desserts work fine as they are also sweet. Moscato is best from climates such as those in Italy and Austria. Moscato is sweet and very fruity and can easily be enjoyed after dinner.

A versatile wine that can be paired with many foods is Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grigio is very commonly grown in Italy but can also be found in the United States. In the USA it is from the West coast most notably. There’s a big acid bite in this wine which is known to be very crisp as well.

There are many other types of white wine not even mentioned in this article that you may find you love. You should also experiment and try new tastes and figure out which is best for you.