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Varieties of beer

Varieties of beer

Beer, Annapolis,MD,Nowadays you can go to a restaurant or bar and order any one of a wide variety of beers. From wheat ales to IPAs to stouts, there are a lot of options. Here is a quick guide to some of the varieties which might help you be a little less overwhelmed the next time you look at the beer list.

Pilsners are one of the more popular types of beer. Beers in this category contain slightly more bitter flavors to go along with stronger hops. Originating from Czechoslovakia (now split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia) they’ve taken hold all over the globe with its simple yet elegant taste.

Wheat beer is another very popular style, especially for relatively new beer drinkers. They are lighter in flavor which makes them a great summertime favorite. One of their trademark flavors comes from the specialized ale yeast used only in wheat beers.

Next up we have the pale ale. This is considered a spicier beer due to the intense presence of their distinct hops. Pale ales were created when brewers found a method for ‘gently’ roasting the barley which created its unique flavor.

While the name may sound like the previously mentioned pale ale, the Indian pale ale is a beast of its own. The Indian pale ale or, IPA, came about during the 1700s in India. British soldiers on board their ships found that their typical pale ale would spoil before the ship reached their destination. The brewers then added more hops, a natural preservative, to the mix which created a longer lasting brew. These are bitter beers that may take some getting used to but their hoppiness has definitely become a popular flavor around the world.

Porters are very dark beers that are not nearly as popular as pilsners or wheat beers but they have their niche in American culture. They have a very unique flavor that some fans say is chocolaty without the harsher flavors contained in stout beers.  Typically brewed with slow fermenting yeast, they contain roasted barley or roasted malts.

Beer has become a large part of American culture and making an educated decision on what to drink can be difficult. Use this guide to show you the way to finding your favorite beer.