Varieties of Wine

Varieties of Wine

When walking through the grocery store or beer and wine store I am sure you have noticed pretty pink bottles and wondered if they taste as good as they look. These are the rose bottles and to many people’s surprise, there are quite a few different types of them.

One type is the Grenache rose. This is a fruity rose that has distinct flavors of strawberry and orange as well as hibiscus. This type is best served chilled during the summer on a warm night. It is refreshing and sophisticated and boasts a full body and color.

Next up is another fruity rose that is sure to catch your eye as you walk down the aisle; it has a phenomenal flavor to match. Sangiovese rose similarly to Grenache and contains fruity flavors but these include strawberries and melon instead. This is a very complex rose with a combination of acidity and fruity notes and an added bitter sense at the end. Once again this is a wonderful drink to be served chilled alongside many chicken dishes.

On to the more savory roses, first up is cabernet sauvignon rose. This type strays away from the typical pink color of many other roses and moves onto the deeper ruby color that is very appealing. These tend to have greater acidity than many other varieties and can have flavors such as cherry and black currant, just as some red wines do.

Syrah rose continues the savory trend as well as the line of darker ruby colored roses. Syrah contains a much bolder flavor and experience and is best when served at room temperature. To contradict those fruitier roses, this one is better served out of a red wine glass rather than a white wine glass.

On the sweeter side of the spectrum is zinfandel rose. This has also been called white zinfandel and is one of the more popular of all of the roses on the market. There is a lot of sugar in the zinfandel which is part of the appeal and it can taste like anything from cotton candy to lemon. This is best served at cold temperatures.

There are even more types of rose not mentioned in this article and you should talk to an expert if you have any further questions.