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Maryland Wine

Maryland Wine

While many people come to Maryland to eat crabs and to visit the many museums and monuments in Washington DC, there is another attraction that is rapidly growing in popularity. The increasing number of quality wineries in the Maryland area is gaining nationwide attention. The Chesapeake Bay region in particular has several wineries that are fast becoming local favorites!

So why is this underrated wine region coming of age? First, the climate in the area provides for milder winters which benefit wine production. Although the area’s humid summers do provide a challenge to growers in terms of mildew on the grape, the wineries have learned to cope with this problem. Second, those wineries that have been in business for a while now have their processes perfected and are producing great wines.

Deep Creek Cellars in Western Maryland is one winery making exceptional wine in the state better known for their crabs. The elevation in this part of Maryland is much higher than the coastal areas with elevations ranging up to 4,000 feet! Their specialties include a Riesling, a notable Pinot Noir and numerous natural wines. This is definitely a spot worth visiting, whether at the end of a road trip or as its own day trip.

Another wonderful winery is the Black Ankle Vineyards. Located about an hour outside of Baltimore, this winery is family-owned. They feature a Passeggiatta (which means ‘a leisurely walk or stroll’ in Italian) bottle in their selection, which is aptly named as it’s a light-bodied, diverse red wine that is great for fall, very food-friendly and low in tannins.

Old Westminster Winery is yet another winery that deserves attention in the Maryland area. This relatively newcomer is responsible for producing numerous fine wines. Included in their production is a Chardonnay which has been featured at many local restaurants close by. Another one of their wines is an orange wine named Alius, whose name means ‘something different’.  This wine has been said to fit the Maryland flavor perfectly.

This is just a short list of wineries in Maryland that create great wine but there are many more. Use your summer to go explore the local vineyards and decide for yourself which is your favorite. Make sure to bring your friends to enjoy the warm summer days with a cool glass of your favorite wine.