Having a Bay Ridge Club Card Saves You Money!

Bay Ridge always has wine and spirits on monthly and "special" sales, but do you know that by being a Club Card Member you will save money on all non-sale wine and spirits, 750ml or larger? Your savings start with bottle ONE, but the more you buy, the more money you save! You'll find the full break-down of your savings below. By signing up, you'll also be the first to know about any sales, tastings, and special events at Bay Ridge!

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Wine Savings

(The following applies to non-sale wine)

750ml and 1L Wine

1-5 bottles – save 5%
6-11 bottles – save 10%
12-35 bottles – save 15%
36 or more bottles – save 20%

1.5L Wine

1-2 bottles – save 5%
3-5 bottles – save 10%
6-17 bottles – save 15%
18-or more bottles – save 20%

3L and larger Wine

1-5 bottles/boxes – save 5%
6 or more bottles/boxes – save 10%


Spirit Savings

(The following applies to non-sale spirits)

750ml and 1L Spirits

1-11 bottles – save 5%
12 or more bottles – save 10%

1.75L Spirits

1-5 bottles – save 5%
6 or more bottles – save 10%

Everyday discounts, no Club Card required

(The following applies to non-sale beer, wine and spirits)

With a Military ID – All day, every day
55 and older – Every Monday

First bottle – 750ml and larger Wine and Spirits
First pack –  4-pk, 6-pk, 8-pk, 12-pk, and 15-pk Beer

15% “case of wine” discount

12 or more bottles, 750ml/1L –  save 15%
6 or more bottles, 1.5L –  save 15%



Discounts are not progressive. That is, the biggest discount for which you are eligible is applied to every bottle within a category.

All of our discounts are “mix and match”. In other words, you do not need to get all the same product to get the discounts. However, categories don’t combine. Wine and spirits are grouped separately. For example, buying six 750ml bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, six 750ml bottles of Chardonnay, and three liter bottles of Bourbon would net a 15% discount (12 bottles total) on the wine and a 5% discount (three bottles total) on the whiskey.

Items on sale count toward your bottle total, but will not be discounted. For example, buying ten 750ml bottles of “non-sale” wine and two 750ml bottles of “on-sale” wine would net a 15% discount (12 bottles total) on the ten bottles not on sale.

For the purposes of discounts, think of 1.5L bottles of wine or 1.75L bottles of spirits as two 750ml bottles. For example, buying four 750ml bottles and one 1.5L bottle of wine would “total” six 750ml bottles, and all would net a 10% discount.

How do I know if a product is on sale?

At Bay Ridge we have white price tags that sit on plastic backings. If the plastic backing is clear, the item is a non-sale item. If the plastic backing is a color, it is a sale item and no further discounts will apply.


What do the different color backings represent?

YELLOW – Means “Everyday Sale Item”
RED – Means “Limited Time Sale Item”
GREEN – Means “Closeout Item”


If an item is on sale, how much am I saving?

If an item is on sale at Bay Ridge, the price will reflect, at the least, the largest savings in its category. For example, if a 750ml wine is on sale, the price is reduced at least 20% off the normal retail price.


Can I combine discounts?

Though you cannot “stack” discounts (i.e., get the Military discount on top of the Club Card discount on the same item), we will always make sure you get the maximum discounts for which you are eligible. For example, if you have a Club Card and a Military ID, and are buying thirty-six 750ml bottles of wine, one 1.75L bottle of spirits, and two 6-pks of beer, you will net the 20% Club Card discount (36 bottles total) on the wine and the 10% Military discount on the spirits (Club Card would only have been 5%) and the beer.




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