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Having a Bay Ridge Club
Card Saves You Money!

Bay Ridge always has wine and spirits on monthly and "special" sales but, do you know that by being a Club Card Member you can save money on all non-sale wine and spirits, 750ml or larger, starting at bottle ONE? And, the more you buy, the more money you save!

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Wine Savings

(The following applies to all non-sale wine)

750ml and 1L Wine

1-5 bottles – save 5%
6-11 bottles – save 10%
12-35 bottles – save 15%
36-or more bottles – save 20%

1.5L Wine

1-2 bottles – save 5%
3-5 bottles – save 10%
6-17 bottles – save 15%
18-or more bottles – save 20%

3L or larger Wine

1-5 bottles/boxes – save 5%
6 or more bottles/boxes – save 10%

Spirit Savings

(The following applies to all non-sale spirits)

750ml & 1 L Spirits

1-11 bottles – save 5%
More than 12 bottles – save 10%

1.75L Spirits

1-5 bottles – save 5%
6 or more bottles – save 10%

How do I know if a product is on sale?

At Bay Ridge we have white price tags that sit on plastic backings.If the plastic backing is clear, the item is a non-sale item. If the plastic backing is a color, it is a sale item and no further discounts will apply.

What do the different color backings represent?

YELLOW – Means “Everyday Sale Item”
RED – Means “Limited Time Sale Item”
GREEN – Means “Closeout Item”

If an item is on sale, how much am I saving?

If an item is on sale at Bay Ridge, the price will reflect, at the least, the largest savings in its category. For example, if a 750ml wine is on sale, the price is reduced at least 20% off the normal retail price.

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