Beers for the summer

Beers for the summer

What’s more refreshing after a long summer day’s work than a tall, cold glass of beer? To make your decision on what to drink a more enjoyable experience, here are four beer styles that are perfect for those warm summer evenings.

Blondes are low in alcohol content, hoppiness, and yeast. They are not an ‘in your face’ beer that you must get used to, but rather a smooth beer that can help you unwind. Since they are not heavy, they are great for large groups of people (even the picky ones).

Next up are the Witbiers. These are lighter beers that deliver a crisp taste. They reign from Belgium and just like the Blondes, they are low in hoppiness. They are rich in pale malt and yeast tones. Originally these beers were not brewed using hops but were fermented with spices and herbs known as “gruit.” These beers use unfiltered wheat which provide a crisp and refreshing taste.

Pale Ales are another popular choice for evenings out on the deck. These beers, as well as Session IPAs, are the opposite of Blondes and Witbiers. They are more hop heavy with a bold flavor. IPA’s are one of the best-selling types of beers in the nation; they have a higher alcohol level though so be careful when drinking them on a hot day. Both Pale ales and Session IPAs are a little more toned down with lower alcohol content but will still have a bold flavor.

A lesser known type of beer are the Saisons. Belgian farmers would brew it in the winter and store it until summer. These beers have a unique spicy flavor to them that adds to the refreshment after a long day of work.

There are many more types of beer that would be great for hot summer days. Consult with the staff at Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits for more information.