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Beer for the Fourth of July

Beer for the Fourth of July

One of the most common activities to celebrate the Fourth of July is simply enjoying some great beer with friends and family. A special day calls for special beer so here is a guide to which beers would help you make the best of your Independence Day celebration.

While there are many cheaper options such as Bud Light or Coors Light, this holiday deserves more. Here is your chance to introduce a non-beer drinker to a great craft beer. As the Fourth of July is an all-day holiday, you do not need to be drinking heavy, high-alcohol content beer. But this does not mean you have to resort to Bud Light (no offense Bud Light).

Shiner Prickly Pear is a beer that is best for hanging out by the pool while enjoying a beer that will leave you feeling refreshed. This beer contains a light-bodied, fruity flavor and is good for those who do not drink beer frequently. Between the pear and citrus notes, it will minimize the sweetness; at only 4.9% alcohol by volume, it will not leave you with a heavy feeling.

Now that it’s time to eat, it’s also time to find a beer that will go well with your burgers, chicken and fries. If you’re preparing burgers, then you will want a hoppier beer as opposed to eating ribs, which go better with an IPA. If you’re eating hotdogs from the grill, then a lighter beer will suffice.

Lets start with a beer that pairs well with most beef dishes. This is Ballas Point Grunion Pale Ale. This is a very hoppy beer that is almost reminiscent of an IPA. This beer has a 5.5% alcohol by volume.

Lagunitas DayTime is a session IPA that features a hint of lemon. Perfect for burgers and chips, this beer will grab everyone’s attention. It has a robust flavor without being too high in alcohol content at only 4.65%.

Once it is time for the firework show, a good choice is Weisse Weisse Baby. This German style beer is refreshing in multiple ways. From its apple and lemon notes to its heavily carbonated and crisp finish, this beer will be the perfect way to end your night.

There are many specialty beers for you to choose from; go explore and find your favorite for the holiday!